Tenant Portal

Are you seeking a simple way to keep up with your rent payments? Through the Tenant Portal, you can now pay your rent online. Your payments are secured, safe, and fast, and deposits directly into your rental account. There are no missing checks or your rent getting lost in the mail; just the most direct way to handle your payments. Join the many other renters who have already started benefiting from our online rental payment service.

Once you have your Tenant Portal account, you will have access to a variety of added benefits. Register your account today and start enjoying the added conveniences of:

  • 24-Hour Bill View
  • 24-Hour Bill Payment
  • Secure Online Payment From Any Online Computer
  • Account Notifications
  • Monthly Payment Reminder Emails
  • Automatic Rent Payments
  • Account Payment History

No matter where you may currently be, as long as you can sign on you can access your account and all of the available tenant services.

Not only is our online payment services convenient, but it helps you from missing your rent due date. You can even remove the risk of a late payment entirely with monthly scheduled payments, and even advanced automatic payments. There is no longer any need for checks, stamps, or envelopes; pay your rent in full without leaving your home.

American Dream Homes makes sure your personal information stays secure. All online interactions are encrypted and transmitted over a secure connection, keeping out prying eyes and hackers.