Top Property Management Mistakes to Avoid

Top Property Management Mistakes to Avoid in Orlando If you have a rental property in Orlando, you know that you have one of the most lucrative businesses around. It is a smart financial investment, but sometimes, problems can occur. All too often, those who have an investment property do not realize that they have responsibilities […]

Orlando is the #1 Place to Invest in a Rental Home

Orlando is the #1 Place to Invest in a Rental Home If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already well aware of how lucrative owning rental properties can be. Not only are they one of the best sources of passive income, but in a state like Florida which has no state income tax, you can […]

Successful Single Family Rental Home Real Estate Investing

Tips on Successful Single Family Real Estate Investing If you’ve ever thought about getting into real estate investing, there’s no time like the present. According to the most recent market forecasts, home prices are on the rise over the foreseeable future, causing your investment today to grow with it. Many potential homeowners balk at investing […]

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist to Spruce Up Your Home This Summer The climate in Central Florida, including Orlando, is categorized to be humid subtropical. May through October is typically rainy but the rest of the months are dry. Usually, temperatures are moderate, except during the summer, which is the least comfortable. During this season, there is […]

Basics to Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Every Beginner Must Know Real estate investments can be quite lucrative but only if you know what you are doing. If not, you can lose money, especially if you are not careful. Opportunities are abundant around, but many people are afraid to take a chance on and start investing in real […]

How Investing in a Rental Home can Save You Money on College Expenses

Between books, fees, and the steadily increasing price of tuition, the cost of attending a university is higher than ever. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at this article that discusses how many students are worried about how they’ll physically survive after paying for all the costs associated with school. Because of […]

Should You Do Your Own Property Management?

One of the biggest concerns after purchasing a rental property is its management. You may have considered managing the real estate on your own, but some limitations may prove that hiring an Orlando property management company is the better choice. Looking after your rental property on your own can have its advantages, but there are […]

Cleaning Your Gutters The Right Way

Any property in Central Florida will deteriorate in appeal and value if its gutters are not clean and secure. It is significant that the gutters are tidy, which can keep the pressure down. Additionally, they ensure water from the property will move away from the foundation of the house. It can stop the occurrence of […]

How to Switch Property Management Companies

If you own a rental property in Orlando, you know that it requires hard work, a lot of resources, attention and time, and the know-how to make sure everything runs smoothly. These essentials make appointing a property manager a necessity if you are an investor.   When you have a professional by your side, he […]