Our Technology

American Dream Homes strives to provide the best personalized service possible for each property that we manage for you. To continue offering a better quality in your maintenance, repairs, and home selling service choices, we employ the latest in property management software tools to achieve the best results possible every day.

orlando property management appfolio

All property owners who choose us for their continued maintenance needs can benefit from AppFolio, an exciting new platform to handle several different facets of your continued service packages. By using AppFolio, we can continue to provide better communication, as well as keeping your investment properties occupied for longer.

We have chosen AppFolio as our go-to property management software for owners to use because, quite simply, it is the best in modern management software that we have seen. The benefits of using this program help keep your properties looking and performing better while allowing our team to properly schedule tenants, repairs, and other expert services more accurately. By creating a digital hub for property owners to connect to our service team, we can increase the speed and ease of communication, and keep your properties at their best for longer periods of time.

AppFolio provides a streamlined process that more owners love. It can be utilized on most personal electronic devices, allowing for even faster, simplified collaborations. Using AppFolio is easy and provides you with several benefits, including:

  • Better Marketing
  • Price Comparison Tools
  • Tenant Screening Metrics
  • Fast and Secure Owner Payments
  • Statement Access
  • Electronic Work Orders
  • And much

After originally implementing AppFolio into our owner’s side of the properties, we received nothing but positive feedback regarding its ease of use and better maintenance results. This program is simple to use, and truly creates a more tight-knit relationship between us and our property owners.  Sign in below for a personal experience of our online platform!

Better property marketing allows for our Realtors to maximize your results when it comes time to put your home on the market. With stronger digital marketing, your rental property will stay occupied for longer periods of time, and applicants can even apply directly from their smartphone or other similar devices.

These tools allow us to advertise vacancies online to the size of audience you would expect. AppFolio also allows us to advertise your properties directly on our website, as well as hundreds of other property listing services.

When other property maintenance and Realtors price your home without knowing what else is available, it can lead to your home remaining vacant for months at a time. Instead, these tools allow us to compare your property with many others in the immediate area, allowing us to maximize the amount of revenue that you are receiving. If you are looking for a team that can reduce a number of vacancies that your property receives, just contact us today and see how we can help you.

Screening potential residents should not be a complicated process, and yet companies are still struggling to find the right tenants for their rental properties. AppFolio makes it simple to screen applicants, applying such factors as background checks, credit checks, and even past rental payment histories. This streamlined process helps weed out potentially bad candidates, reducing the risk of you getting stiffed over unpaid rent and suffering through extensive property damage from disrespectful renters.

Everyone loves to see his or her rental deposit arrive into their account faster, and with AppFolio, this is even simpler than before. Using direct deposit streamlines the payment process, allowing checks to be entered directly into your account without utilizing the mail system. There are no checks to cash or waiting in line at the bank; just easy automatic owner payments.

If you do not use checks, there is no reason to worry. The program allows for other payments as well. Get paid automatically with cash, check, and e-payment options, even if they are using a credit card.

Using the system allows owners the ease and convenience of checking statements at any time online. This not only saves more on paper and time but gives owners a snapshot of the property’s activity for the past month, as well as maintenance invoices and other regular reporting needs.

Property maintenance can be scheduled faster than ever before as well. Our team receives maintenance requests instantly, allowing us to communicate with relevant vendors and get the job done faster. There are no missed phone calls and voice mails; only a direct line of clear communication for all.