Cleaning Your Gutters The Right Way

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Any property in Central Florida will deteriorate in appeal and value if its gutters are not clean and secure. It is significant that the gutters are tidy, which can keep the pressure down. Additionally, they ensure water from the property will move away from the foundation of the house. It can stop the occurrence of potential damages that can cause internal flooding and even the strength of the property.


If you hire an Orlando property management company, you will discover that gutter cleaning is an integral part of protecting your investment. Additionally, it’s important that tidying up the gutters is added to your property management services. However, if you own your own home or manage your own rental, you may want to hire professional cleaning services or invest your own sweat equity to have it cleaned.


If you are faced with the job of cleaning your gutters, you may be surprised that it does not have to be as complicated and tiring as you think it might be. Here are some methods that will let you do the job of cleaning the gutters the right way:

Using a Sand Shovel

Whether you have just bought the property in Central Florida and you are new to it, or you have owned it for several years, it is inevitable that you will find some sediments and bits of buildup within the gutters. You do not have to be a professional in removing the dirt. You only need a handheld shovel to remove the scraps from your shingles.

Using a Plastic Tarp and Placing It on the Ground

When you clean the gutters, a plastic tarp can be placed on a level surface below. You can use it to gather the gunk that you have collected from the trenches. This step is essential, mainly because you do not want the dirt to be scattered all around the lawn. The tarp will keep your garden protected from those bits and pieces from the gutters.

Flush Everything Out

Once the surfaces around the gutters have been cleaned out, you should put in the effort of flushing all the dirt out. You can use a hose that has medium-pressure to push the loose items that may still be in the drain. Make sure that the hose has enough power to remove and clear out the things that may still be inside after you have finished the first few steps of the cleaning process.


If you hired an Orlando property management company, the manager should be able to explain to you how crucial it is to take care of the rental home. Of course, you already know you should clean and maintain the property, but gutters are often overlooked, even by the landlords and property owners.


The gutters, when well-maintained, can protect your landscape plantings and sidings. They are also responsible for preventing thousands of dollars of damage that can happen to your home’s foundation, which is why you should never neglect them.


In a downpour, the roof gutter can become a problem when it is clogged. It will quickly send a cascade of water flowing down the side of the house and by the time the rain stops, your foundation is wholly saturated.


It is, therefore, more than essential to clean the gutters and make sure there are no debris and leaves in it. Doing so can help prevent damage to your siding and landscaping. It should be stressed that a clean gutter can save you tons of money that you will be forced to allocate if your foundation gets damaged. Destruction of the property because of water can be costly and may cost at least $10,000 to repair the damaged foundation.


To prevent this problem, you should clean up early along the way. You do not have to do everything by yourself. You will like the fact that cleaning and maintenance are a part of the property management services of the company you hire.

The Frequency of Gutter Cleaning

It should not be such a huge expense for you because cleaning gutters does not have to be performed several times a month. In fact, you can secure their wellbeing by merely cleaning at least once a year. An exception is if there are overhanging trees near them, which means that you have to flush twice a year to prevent clogging.


Additionally, you should clean them after a big storm, since it can easily cause the gutters to be clogged. Blockages typically happen where the downspouts meet the gutter system. In this case, you should check these parts carefully and make sure they are adequately maintained as well.

Steps for Cleaning the Gutter

If you know it is time to clean the gutters, here are the steps that you should take to complete it successfully:

  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Use rubber gloves.
  • Use a reliable ladder that is extendable. You can use standoff stabilizers, which are also known as ladder “horns” to keep the ladder from hurting the gutter.
  • A plastic scoop can be used to remove the gunk. You can find one that is specially made for this job at a hardware store. Typically, this piece is only about $25, and it is a good investment since you will have to keep repeating the process at least once a year.
  • An alternative is to use a sand shovel as mentioned earlier.
  • Make sure that you protect your lawn and not just dump the stuff in the yard. A plastic tarp can be useful for this project.
  • Once the muck is cleared, it is time to flush the downspouts and gutters. You do not need anything fancy here since a garden hose will do the job just fine. Also, use this part of the process to spot any leaks in your gutter.
  • Repeat yearly!

The whole procedure is not too complicated. However, some people may not be happy about climbing ladders for some reason. You can certainly hire someone else to accomplish the job for you. The cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the height and size of the property. However, the service would generally cost at least $50 and may go all the way up to $250.


Meanwhile, your property management company can take care of the task for you. A team of professionals will keep this job away from your mind because they know precisely when and what to do to keep your gutters clean and sturdy. Make sure to ask your Orlando property management company about this service.


Another thing that you can do is to cover the gutters. It is a step toward preventing any damage that may happen, especially if you do not have a property manager yet or you do not want to hire a person to clean the gutters. A method that you can do is to cover the drains, which can slow the clogging. You will have to install them in the form of clip-on grates, porous foam, or mesh screens.


Note though that this method of prevention is quite expensive. In fact, the cost can be even more than the gutters you have on your property. Also, these covers require regular maintenance so that they would stay clear as well. Typically, the price will be around $6 to $8 per running foot for the covers when they are installed.


Finally, if you have decided to clean the gutters, you should wait until they are dry, especially after a storm or a downpour. It is more pleasant, and you avoid having to deal with mucky surfaces, which can be painful to de-gunk the gutters.


You should make it a habit to clean the gutters at least once a year. It is also not a bad idea to ensure their safety before a big storm to avoid watching rainwater pouring over the gutters to the garden and your foundation. Just a quick 10-minute sweep of the spots close to the downspouts will help eliminate the burdensome chore of cleaning after and repairing a damaged foundation.


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